The origins

A love story for our land


Il Chiosso was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Marco Arlunno and Carlo Cambieri, experienced producer of Ghemme the first, owner and manager of vineyards in Gattinara the second. The project is based on the synergy between Marco’s professionalism as winemake and Carlo’s passion, who has always been fascinated by viticulture and wines. Moreover, their professionalisms, Marco is graduated in oenology and Carlo in engineering, are a powerful combination. A truly unique and winning union that has allowed to merge in a single production reality the quality of Alto Piemonte wines, Gattinara on one side,  Ghemme and d.o.c. of Novara region hills on the other. 



"In the belief that the Alto Piemonte terroir can give incredible wines in every aspect, we have set ourselves the goal of personally cultivating the vines in the absolute respect of nature and its rhythms, as well as in the most traditional way."


Marco Arlunno e Carlo Cambieri

Il Chiosso co-founders 






We have vine areas located throughout the territory of Alto Piemonte, in the region where river Sesia marks the natural border between the province of Vercelli and Novara and physically divides Gattinara DOCG from Ghemme DOCG hills.

The entire area is characterized by grounds consisting of meager soils with a distinctly acidic reaction, Morainic-Alluvial origin formed by deposits of eroded debris and transported downstream by the Monte Rosa glacier. 




The hills of Gattinara have a height ranging from 280 to 450 meters above sea level.  The geological profile identifies a huge core of porphyry rock, quartz, granites, tuff, shale, volcanic conglomerates, sandstone and marl, with a very rich ferrous component, that determines the typical reddish color of the soil and gives the wines fine, deep and very authoritative characteristics.


Ghemme ridge is a corrugated hill with a height varying from 250 to 310 meters above sea level.  It has a typically fluvioglacial "triangular" shape and its composition is characterized by pebbles, granites, gravel, shales, miascite, porphyry and clays.   All together these elements enhance the more austere and profound notes of Nebbiolo, which also finds expression in two other historical realities of Alto Piemonte: the Sizzano DOC and the Fara DOC.

Origin of the name "Il Chiosso"

"Chiosso" historically in Alto Piemonte represents a vineyard bordered by a stone wall: this boundary wall symbolizes the importance attributed by winemakers to a certain cru for its propensity to create unique wines. This same concept applies with the willing to create a viticulture reality that excels in the quality of all the denominations vinified in the new winery in Gattinara. 

It is personally conducted by Marco and Carlo and boasts the opportunity to obtain grapes from the most important historical crus of the Alto Piemonte hills in prestigious wine appellations such as Gattinara, Ghemme and Fara.

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