The hills of Gattinara

From a unique place, a wine to love


In Alto Piemonte, the chiosso is a vineyard bordered by a stone wall: the wall represents the value attributed by winemakers to a certain cru for its propensity to create unique wines.


From these places, rich in tradition and culture, the wines of Il Chiosso winery take life. Il Chiosso is a reality born with the intention of excelling in quality in all the wine appellations that are vinified in their Gattinara winery. It is personally led by Marco and Carlo and boasts the possibility to obtain grapes from the most important local historical crus,  from prestigious denominations such as Gattinara, Ghemme and Fara. 



Only the typical vines of the territory are planted in our vineyards: Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Uva Rara. We only own vineyards located throughout the Alto Piemonte (the name literally translates to ‘high Piedmont’), a territory where the River Sesia marks the natural border between the province of Vercelli and Novara and physically divides the Gattinara DOCG from Ghemme DOCG hills.


Il Chiosso was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Marco Arlunno and Carlo Cambieri, experienced producer of Ghemme wine the first, owner and manager of vineyards in Gattinara the second. In our absolute conviction that the soil of Alto Piemonte can give incredible wines in every aspect, we have set ourselves the goal of personally cultivating the vines, in absolute respect for nature and its rhythms, as well as in the most traditional way.


The two flagship wines of Alto Piemonte are profoundly different from each other. Our winemaking processes are aimed at emphasizing the different footprints conferred by the soil (terroir).

The hills of Novara areas are wetter and less ventilated than the Gattinara ones; the soils of Ghemme, of moraine origin, have a less gravelly structure with a presence of clay, that can retain water more easily. The physiology of the vine is therefore completely different.

In addition, while for the Gattinara wine it was chosen to use Nebbiolo in purity, for the Ghemme variety we grant a percentage of Vespolina, admitted by the specification, to mark and differentiate it.

From the cellars of Il Chiosso

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